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Roofing & Guttering FAQ's

Answers to common questions about roofing

Frequently asked questions about roofing & guttering

Paul Nicholas of Tile Bond RoofingTile Bond Roofing do not employ sales and operations managers, use telemarketing or salesmen and we don’t have a large office or advertising campaign.

This enables us to pass on the savings to you and provide realistic overhead free prices!

You deal direct with the owner or tradesman, no middle man, firsthand communication to those actually working on the roof restoration, roof gutters or roof repairs on your home.

1) How much does roof restoration cost?

Every roof restoration is different. Each job is priced individually depending on the size, pitch, height & amount of required repairs. A detailed fixed quotation is provided on every job.

2) Do you charge for quotations?

Paul Nicholas, the owner not a salesman, will personally make a suitable time with you to inspect your roof, and provide you with a free of charge quote detailing all the required roofing repairs.

3) How long does roof restoration take?

Again it is dependent on the size and the required repairs but an average restoration takes approximately 3 days. One day for the pressure cleaning, another for the repairs and the final day for the roof sealing and re-coating.

4) Are you insured and licensed?

Yes, all our employees and contractors are qualified, competent, experienced and fully insured. Our builders licence number is 180670. We have a $20 000 000.00 liability cover and all of our staff are covered by workers compensation.

5) What products do you use?

When restoring a roof we only use Dulux Acra Tex Roof coatings. With years of experience testing most roof membranes on the market we found Dulux to be superior. We use Fielders guttering, Monier & Boral Roof tiles and BlueScope steel (colorbond) products. We only use the finest materials available regardless of the cost ensuring longevity in all our work.

6) What is the difference between Roof Membrane and Paint?

962 Roof Membrane is a high build elastomeric, flexible coating designed specifically for Roof Restoration. The film thickness of 962 Roof Membrane is typically between two to three times greater than conventional paint.

7) Why is 962 Roof Membrane Glossy?

• To duplicate the look of a new roof.
• Aids in the prevention of dirt accumulation.
• Is formulated with premium resins, utilising limited amount of gloss reducing fillers,
ensuring the best quality finish.

8) What colours are available?

There are 36 stock colours in the range which reflect the present day roofing trends.

9) Will you clean up after yourselves and is all the rubbish removed
from site?

In 99% of cases your property will be left cleaner than when we arrived. We pride ourselves on it. All of the rubbish and debris will be taken off site.

10) Do you quote or work weekends?

We are available most Saturdays however we are also usually available from 7am most mornings and after work hours until 7pm which we have found convenient to service people before and after standard business hours if required.

11) Is your work guaranteed?

Because we believe in the quality of the products we use and the work we do, we offer a 10 year guarantee!

12) Do you have quality control check?

On completion of each job, before we ask for any payment, we carry out a thorough inspection, to ensure the quality of work adheres to our strict standards!

10 year guarantee

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