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About Gutter Guard

Avoid damage to your home by maintaining your gutters

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Tile Bond Roofing – Gutter Guard

Why clean your Gutters again? Blocked gutters can be the cause of a wide range of problems. Some of these problems can include over flowing gutters, blocked downpipes, rusting gutters and timber / eave damage. If left unattended, the result could be costly.

Gutter guard can prevent leaf build-up, stop corrosion, stop eave damage, and prevent timer and Facia damage. Clean gutters also allow you to maximize rainwater collection which is essential in times of harsh water restrictions.

Best of all, we can match your Gutter Guard to your roof colour so you won’t even notice it’s there!

The Gutter Guard sits under the second row of tiles and is fixed to the gutter with a colourbond trim. Mesh for corrugated iron roofs are held down by colourbond saddles.
All with a 10year guarantee on product and installation.

10 year guarantee

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