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Gutter Repair or Replacement

We can advise on the best solution for your gutters.

Gutter Repairs or Replacement?

Gutters are an important part of our homes, they capture the water running off of the roof and deliver it through to the stormwater infrastructure in the street. Without these simple devices, this water would run down the walls of your house, or fall directly onto the earth next to it. This water would pool, soften the soil, and cause damage to the structure of your home. In extreme cases, it could cause flooding and foundation movement that would cause an incredible amount of damage.

When incorrectly maintained your gutters can fill with debris and become blocked, If the debris is left too long, the gutters will rust. You’re now faced with a simple decision that only requires a little time and thought to find the right solution for you – Do you have the existing gutters repaired? or do you opt for a complete replacement of the existing gutters?

Each option has their advantages and disadvantages:

Gutter Repairs:

When your gutters get run down, and are not beyond saving, repairing your gutters can be quite cost effective. Because you’re not replacing metres of guttering, the costs can be kept low while achieving the desired results of fully functional gutters once more. The downside is that the gutters, while repaired, are still the same old gutters. This means that any further deterioration of the gutters can result in damage within new areas which can require repairing at a later stage.

Gutter Replacement:

For some houses, replacement is the only option. The gutters are rusted out, and the resulting holes are causing water to run down the fascias and damage other parts of the structure. While replacement is a more costly option, the benefits far outweigh a simple repair. When replacing gutters, the owner is able to choose from the large selection of available styles and find a solution that suits both the home and the owner alike. New gutters also eliminate the threat of any possible impending damage that a simple repair cannot.

In all cases, preventative maintenance can eliminate the need to have to consider either solution. Gutters that are kept clean and free flowing are far less susceptible to wear and tear, leaving your gutters to look and function every bit as good as the day they were installed.

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